2018 CVGC

The Event

The tournament will be held on Saturday night, but visitors are welcome to come whenever they'd like...even for the whole weekend. We will be playing games, watching movies, and just having a good time. The event will be held:


September 1, 2018 @ 6 PM - 12 AM CST

Erica and I encourage you to bring your significant others and other family members.
Details on food will be coming soon.


It will be like last year. Players will be eliminated throughout the night so that we can keep things progressing quickly. If you get knocked out, don't fret; there will be plenty of other things to keep you busy! ...or, if you're THAT worried, you could always just try not to lose


The rupees will be making their illustrious return.
The winner will also get his/her avatar as the icon for this website leading up to next year's CVGC. This is to ensure that all the losers will be reminded of their failures every time they visit the site.