Bob's CVGC 2017 Photos!

Bob's CVGC 2017 Photos!

Posted October 14, 2017 at 2:25 PM by 8bitbob

Bobby captured some fun moments at CVGC and wanted to share them with everyone!  Hope you enjoy!

Have some of your own photos you'd like to share?  Leave them in the comments here or send them to Big D or Woot to have them added to the site!

Anyway, without further ado:

Quite the spread at the auction table!

Some close ups of a commission donated to the auction by 8bitbob for CVGC 2016!

What does one of Bob's commission items look like under a black light, you ask?

And now for the satisfied bidder modeling his piece!

Black light again, anyone?

Side tournaments made their debut CVGC 2017.  Everyone wanted to win at Blokus for a slight edge in the main event!

We also introduced the world to Dance Dance Bushido Blade!  Expect to see this at your favorite eSport event soon!

He even got some shots of the tournament action, including Crazy Taxi:

And Flatout:

And here's a little bit of the set up, including the main system hub.  She's beautiful.

 The library

The stands (I think he caught this during a lull in the action)

And an overhead of the break area, where participants can cool off between rounds and discuss the competition.

We also had some lovely black light posters for the VR room, made by Aboth and his lovely wife.  First off, a scene from Sonic.

Bubble Bobble

Donkey Kong

N64 Logo

Piranha Plant

And Pacman

And for a view shots of our contenders.  First off, the artists behind the black light posters:

Our hostess:

Of course there was beer:

Our host and a contestant getting psyched up for the event:

And, finally, our host, Big D, with his son and future CVGC participant: