Git Gud: Better Knowing Your Champions | Aboth

Git Gud: Better Knowing Your Champions | Aboth

Posted August 08, 2019 at 7:15 AM by woot

For the final installment of Git Gud: Better Knowing Your Champions, we look into last year's champion, Aboth. Knowing better, we don't want to go TOO deep. Ask your own questions in the comments and we hope to see you at tomorrow's Tournament of Champions™! 7 PM sharp! Hopefully this series has helped you figure out who to bet on!

What is your favorite 80s movie?

Aboth: As stated this is impossible to answer. However I will say that Blues Brothers makes the cut for me. No matter what mood I'm in this movie never sounds like a bad idea. I know, I know, you thought I would say Weekend at Bernie's but it isn't my favorite movie. Just a very VERY good movie.

What is your favorite 80s song?

Just as impossible. But for the sake of the 80's let's put it right in the middle of the decade and go with The Dire Straights: Money for Nothing.

If you were going to try and bribe the Tournament of Champions officials, what would you be offering? Hypothetically…

I would bribe with delicious Iberico. The good stuff. I happen to know that the judges are at least pretend foodies.

What is your favorite game played at CVGC?

I really like Galaga. It encompasses the retro game feel and is simple and refined at the same time. Also that late game risk of sacrificing your last extra life for the double ships is an unmatched feeling of dread and boner causing adrenaline.

What is your special move?

Breeding the Golden Chocobo. (Play FF7 newbs)

What motivates you to win CVGC?

The blue rupee, not the red one and not the green one. The blue rupee.

What is your catchphrase?

Get ready for the poophole loophole!

What is your favorite CVGC moment?

When I was invited to the first tournament I was greeted with good beer and friendly faces. We played cards against humanity and David complimented me on holding my booze well. Little did I know you assholes were just buttering me up to try and soften my skills. I know better now of course.

Any games you remember from the finals that helped propel you to your victories?

Matt and I did an X-Men vs Street Fighter double elimination tournament and I have never wanted a win more than against Matt in that moment. I've carried that ferocity with me through the years and I still yearn for the red hot fire that was that match. Matt are you listening? You flew from Seattle to try and get third this year, I hope you bring the pain this time.