Git Gud: Better Knowing Your Champions | Notaburger

Git Gud: Better Knowing Your Champions | Notaburger

Posted August 05, 2019 at 1:14 PM by woot

In the lead up to the Tournament of Champions, Michael and I put together a short interview for the contestants for a series we call Git Gud: Better Knowing Your Champions. In the first of this series, we try to find out a little about what makes Notaburger tick. Have your own question?  Ask it in the comments and maybe he'll answer!  Check back tomorrow for the second installment!

What is your favorite 80s movie?

Notaburger: Short Circuit (this is an impossible question to ask, so you get a fake answer...I mean, the 80s gave us comedy classics like Caddyshack and Ghostbusters, action flicks like Terminator and Die Hard, cartoons like An American Tale and Transformers, adventure movies like Indian Jones, Empire Strikes Back, and Howard the Duck, plus too many good teen movies to even bother listing)

What is your favorite 80s song?

Silent Running by Mike + the Mechanics or Your Love by the Outfield (again, where do you get off asking these types of questions?)

If you were going to try and bribe the Tournament of Champions officials, what would you be offering? Hypothetically…

I'd sneak them a few raffle tickets for the Westvleteren Bundle or, more likely, I will go a different direction with it and extort them instead (hypothetically of course).

What is your favorite game played at CVGC?

Nice try Woot. No hints for this year's games...but seriously my favorite games played are all single quarter arcade games from the golden age. Why? Because they are super easy to score, they are short, and there is no concern about number of players playing as we can cycle everyone through. Plus there is the added benefit that few people have access to these games with these types of controls, so it is a bit special.

What is your special move?


What motivates you to win CVGC?

Trick question.

What is your catchphrase?

Adios nachos!

What is your favorite CVGC moment?

That time that Matt and I tied for 1st at CVGC #1, and we had to come up with a tie breaker on the spot. I then destroyed Matt so bad in Duck Hunt that you guys had to stop me before I was done.

Any games you remember from the finals that helped propel you to your victories?

CHRISTOPHER, AGAIN, I WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANY HINTS. GIVE IT A REST. I will offer this pro-tip for those looking to remain contenders at CVGC. Start your morning with 12 raw eggs, take a nap in the early afternoon, and pace your drinking during the night (bonus points if you ensure your competitors always have a topped off glass).