The Homeless Cup

Idea for a movie

Posted May 26, 2017 at 1:17 PM by aboth

So what about a movie that goes like this:


A single guy in his late 30's, let's say Adam Sandler.  Anyway he has a good job and house blah blah.  Ok so something happens and he loses everything and becomes homeless, details are not important at this stage.  So we follow his homeless journey for like a 7 minute montage or some shit and then it ends with him eating a trash bagel and staring in deep thought at a kids soccer game.  He decides after they are done to go over and kick the extra ball left behind around.  

He takes it but feels bad.  

He starts to practice with himself until a young urban youth notices he needs training.  He is GOOD and starts to develop a friendship with Adam, Adam gets better.  Adam starts attending the games and cheering for the team.  Adam decides to talk to his other crazy homeless friends from his turf and they decide to play against the OTHER homeless "team" from the other turf.  There will be training montages with the young soccer player being a coach for the older homeless adults.  Comedy happens.  The climax of the movie is like a "longest yard" or "Waterboy" type game where obviously Adam's team wins.  Two things now happen to ensure a happy ending:

1.) The youth is recognized for his leadership and receives a college scholarship and will pursue a coaching career.  

2.) Adam and his friends start a "Homeless Soccer League" and helps his fellow homeless get more social etc... Adam starts a non profit or some shit that does what I just stated.  ICING ON CAKE- Adam and youth remain close friends and "10 years later" fades in to show how well they are both doing with a framed picture of each other on their desks at work, both in their desired places in life.


Fuck yeah, I should just make this myself.  Someone call Sandler.