Side Tournament 2: Side Harder

Side Tournament 2: Side Harder

Posted August 28, 2018 at 1:20 PM by woot

After a shaky start in 2017, side tournaments are returning in 2018.  This is your chance to compete for glittering prizes!

This year, the side tournaments will take place Friday evening to avoid collision with the main event.  The ones I'm planning will all be head to head to avoid having to round up 4 people to play at the same time.  It is certainly possible there will be other side tournaments that take place - either premeditated or spur of the moment!

As with last year, the side tournament games are going to be announced ahead of Friday (now), so you can start practicing!

And, again, I don't know the main event games so, while unlikely, it's not impossible that you'll be playing these again on Saturday when CVGC is in full swing.

Without further ado, on to the games!

  • Returning from 2017, you'll battle for the honor to sacrifice yourself to the Níðhöggr in Nidhogg!
  • Which clan has the best moves?  Will it be the Kagami Kizomba or the Shainto Samba?  Find out when Dance Dance Bushido Blade returns from 2017!
  • And, making it's debut in 2018, you'll...Shaq your way to victory in Shaq Fu?

Furthermore, there will be another board game tournament on Saturday - MC M is going to kick off his Sagrada tournament at 2 PM on Saturday.  You gotta play Sagrada!