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Tales from the Winner's Table - Star Wars Prequels Reviews

Posted July 14, 2016 at 11:21 PM by aboth

Hey people of interest, people in the know...

I wanted to post here, so I am. I think I'm going to share some youtube videos that may or may not be related to video games. So let's do that for a little bit.

This is that STAR WARS PREQUEL review that I stand by as the best in depth film ANALysis about the prequels. So here are the playlists for them. Also I should mention this about this film company, they are pretty damn good at everything they do. It's pretty endearing to see all of their own hard work paying off for them. In long, I recommend watching the other Mr. Plinkett reviews, the Indy 4 one is great too. "Best of the Worst" is a roullett of shitty movies for them to suffer through, I've watched alot of their stuff over the years GIVE IT A FUCKING SHOT WHY NOT?

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Ok I'm done with Star Wars stuff for now. You guys ever played that old board game from the 90's called hero quest? Well I did, I remember it well, but what I don't remember is what happened to it. This is a shame because it goes for upwards of like $600, Here is a short video explaining why Hero Quest is so great.

Whoever isn't playing Alien Isolation this should help things along.

Alright that is enough for now. See ya'll at the Houston Orgy in August!
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