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Tales from the Winner's Table - This is CVGC

Posted January 24, 2017 at 10:58 PM by aboth

Two years running. It doesn't seem possible with all the talent out there, but here we are. It's not easy being on top, it's lonely, boring, and ultimately unfulfilling. Why do I continue to try so hard? What drives me to compete? How can I let a small competition between friends effect my attitude and demeanor?

Because it's fucking CVGC...idiot.

Don't come into this tournament thinking that you will get a trophy for just "playing games" because you "aren't good at games". Fuck that. This tournament was built from the scabbed and bleeding thumbs of champions. It was built on screaming at a TV and letting it "get to you" hours or even days after. The same champions that explored the depths of Brinstar with nothing more than the charge beam. The same champions that knocked out Bald Bull. The very same champions that eventually found WHICH castle the princess was in.

My friends this is CVGC and there are only tears, jeers, and cheers.

If you come here thinking that you can just donate your way to victory, buddy you are sorely mistaken. There is no buy in and certainly no buy OUT. You face champions of Azeroth, victors of Overwatch, and survivors of Svastapol Station. These men and women are tough as nails and hard as iron, you would be a fool to underestimate my brethren. If you think they will take it easy on you then you are mistaken. There is no pity, there are no condolences, there is no escape.

You can't beat CVGC it beats you.

Even a champion of the tournament feels on edge for the year he or she holds the coveted Rupee. They know it doesn't BELONG to them. They know that no matter what, next year they will have to fight for their right in the top 4. They know to keep their skills sharp and their wits sharper. This is no mere contest of hand eye coordination, it is a gauntlet of abuse and you WILL need food badly. You think the competitors won't smell the blood in the water? They will, and they will take you out at the first sign of weakness because after all...

This is CVGC.

In the time between our next meeting I do hope you enjoy some new games, get some VR in, or revisit some oldies but goodies. I hope you enjoy your co-op matches, your mario karts, and your PC games. I hope though, throughout your journey, that you taste the bitterness of defeat in every sip of drink and every bite of food. Let the hate flow through you, let it make you stronger, faster, more aggressive. Let your hatred of me reign supreme in your mind and come to Houston next summer with a fire in your belly and ice in your heart. After all I will because...

It's CVGC bitch.