The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

Posted December 18, 2019 at 5:00 PM by mattgt321

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls brings everything from the video game to life, in the form of cards. YAY! (I think…)

Would you like to fight monster after monster, while collecting loot that can change the game completely after each and every card drastically? How about 300+ cards to ensure you have a completely random roll of a deck? Or is it that you would like to kill your Mom again and again like you have in game? Well this game has all of that and plenty more. This card game has the added bonus of constantly trying to disrupt and kill the other players as well. There are no rules to barter amongst each other, but to have your enemies save your life, you will pay with more than blood.

BiC: FS brings back many favorite characters, of course, including Isaac. Each character starts with the same Health and attack but each gets a specific ability to use during the game. Don’t worry, Maggy’s ability is just as bad as it is in the other game. There is a Maggy out there that must have broken some hearts. While each ability seems to be pretty strong, a few seem to be way overbalanced. If you play a top tier ability to a lower one, you will most likely lose. There is nothing that offsets the abilities. You do acquire treasures that will start to stack over time though. This will sometimes render some or most of their abilities to be useless. Seeing that there is over 100 treasures, plus over 20 passive items, the chance of guessing or hoping for certain items is just foolish.

The gameplay however seems very straight forward with only having 4 options with any sequence. It does get very chaotic as this game has a lot of counter attacks. It will get very confusing when you have 4 people playing.

Though fun, playing with 2 people seemed unbalanced, while playing with 4 should even the field but get very chaotic. Your abilities return once your turn restarts, so you can get into a pattern and repeat with 2 players. As with 4 players, it will be hard to anticipate what you can do on your following turn. You will need to be more protective of abilities and to use the correctly.

When your wife reads that her treasure card can basically kill you every turn, and laughs so genuinely evil, you know you are playing this game the right way. I can’t wait to kill each and every one of you.