The Games of CVGC 2017 - Round 1

The Games of CVGC 2017 - Round 1

Posted August 21, 2017 at 3:54 PM by woot

Everyone participated in round 1, which had us playing Crazy Taxi 2, Donkey Kong Junior, and FlatOut.

Crazy Taxi 2Dreamcast, 2001

Crazy Taxi 2 features a down on his luck Guy Fieri working as a taxi driver trying to pay for culinary school and to go see The Offspring.  Players earn money by picking up and delivering as many fares as they can before time runs out.  Players that don’t earn enough money fast enough are forced to deliver fares to The Offspring’s concert instead of being able to go.

Donkey Kong Junior, Arcade, 1982

Donkey Kong Junior was a hot new release at your local arcade in 1982.  This sequel to Donkey Kong stars Junior trying to save his father from the evil Mario.  Junior collects fruits and vegetables along the way (to grow up big and strong) while avoiding alligators and birds. Donkey Kong Junior won Best Videogame Audio/Visual Effects in the 5th annual Arkie Awards in 1984.

FlatOut, Xbox, 2005

In FlatOut, players assume the role of Johnny Knoxville on the set of Jackass as he tries to launch his career to new heights.  This special event mode had players soaring over 100 feet high as they launched themselves off a ramp at a wall.  The game was met with average reviews, but is still a lot of fun to play and was a welcome addition to CVGC 2017.

Stay tuned for round 2, coming to a near you at some point in the future.  Probably.