The Games of CVGC 2017 - Round 2

The Games of CVGC 2017 - Round 2

Posted August 30, 2017 at 5:22 PM by woot

After round 1, the field of contestants was whittled down to 8 competing in Wild Gunmen, Wave Race, and a Duck Tales speed run!

Wild Gunman, NES, 1985

Players assume the role of Wyatt Fuckin’ Earp and must protect the town of Tombstone which has seen the arrival of many unsavory sorts who have decided to find a new home in his aptly named favorite watering hole, Saloon.  The thugs Earp takes out keep coming back, seemingly faster every time.  The game ends with Earp waking up in a cold sweat from his laudanum-induced fever dream when he finds Doc Holliday’s boot in his spleen.

Wave Race: Blue Storm, GameCube, 2001

Wave Race: Blue Storm pits players against each other in an effort to catch the attention of pirate leader Deacon so that they can join his hit squad of jet ski assassins and help him lead his people to the Dryland.  Players demonstrate their jet ski prowess by slaloming between strategically placed buoys.  The final race saw all but one of the contestants embarrassingly plow into the corner of a dock and Deacon had no trouble choosing which one was fit to make the team.  Sadly, he and his new pals were killed by a freak with gills.

DuckTales, NES, 1989

For this contest, players take on the role of the first Scottish astronaut, Scrooge McDuck, as he tries to pry the moon’s treasures from the alien creatures that apparently call her home.  In a showing that would surely embarrass our younger selves, none of us managed to actually beat the level for the speed run, so it turned into seeing who could accomplish a specific goal the fastest – I think the goal was repairing Gizmoduck so he could blow up the wall hindering Mr. McDuck’s progress.  Everyone who participated in this round has a nice souvenir permanently tattooed on their brain in the form of the Moon Level’s theme.

What games were played in round 3?  Found out in the next "Games Of" post at your local!  Same CVGC-time, same CVGC-channel.