The Games of CVGC 2017 - Round 3

The Games of CVGC 2017 - Round 3

Posted October 13, 2017 at 6:21 PM by woot

General Chaos, Sega, 1994

We’re brothers!  No, I’m not talking about Overwatch.  I’m talking about Generals Chaos and Havoc.  Two brothers who grew up playing war games only to find themselves commanding opposing armies in a bloody war.  Discovering that war is not as glamorous as they had always thought, they decided to replace their armies with small teams of elite commandoes.  Even this is too brutal, so they mandate that each team be accompanied by a medic.  Eventually, I believe, the war is decided by the two brothers arm wrestling.  First one to tear the others arm off wins.  Medic!

Celebrity Deathmatch, Xbox, 2003

So, they apparently made a fighting game out of this…  I don't even know where to begin.  Or end.  I'll just let this video do the talking for me.

Golden Tee Golf, Arcade

First release in 1989, Golden Tee Golf tells the story of Carl Spackler trying to get his great grandfather’s golden tee back from a deranged gopher.  Players launch explosives at the gopher by hitting them with their golf club.  But they have to be careful because if they hit it wrong it will explode and blow their leg off.  Players can gain an advantage by hitting their explosives at the other players, but they have to be careful as the explosives are not cheap and they want to use as few as possible to get the best score.