Tournament of Champions

Tournament of Champions 2019

Posted July 19, 2019 at 8:21 AM by woot

What makes a champion?  Is it practicing tirelessly hour after hour?  Is it pushing yourself further when you have pushed yourself as far as you can?  Is that what makes a champion?

Ummm…sure.  That and a red rupee.

Being a champion requires dedication.  It takes countless hours of training and sacrifices.  It’s a never-ending journey towards greatness.  And, yes, it is often celebrated with the red rupee.

CVGC champions are already in an elite group, but which one is the world champion?  We look to find that out this year with the first Tournament of Champions.

Michael and I invite you to join us for a totally tubular showdown between CVGC greats on CVGC-eve, Friday, August 9th.  Who will reign supreme and take home the trophy?  Who will fizzle out and lose all their mojo going into Saturday’s main event?  Come hang out and see!  Cheer on your favorite participant!  We’ll have some radical prizes to raffle fueled by betting throughout the competition.  We’ll bet on obvious things like who will win along with many totally bitchin’ prop bets throughout each game.  All proceeds going to the CVGC charity.  Fer shur!

Without further ado, the competitors are:


Sure to be an odds on favorite, Aboth won in 2018.  You may remember him as the guy floating around and glowing?  And taking the blue rupee instead of the red rupee because he can?  Aboth is always a top competitor at CVGC and boasts the most wins with first place in 2014, 2016, and 2018.  Can he compete in an odd year?


2017’s champion, Saint, will be looking for revenge after last year’s photo finish loss to Aboth.  Like Aboth, Saint has multiple wins and is always a safe bet to rupee.  Saint boasts two wins – 2015 and 2017.  2019 could follow the pattern, but a win Saturday means nothing to Friday’s Tournament of Champions!


Some CVGC historians question whether or not Mattgt321 has actually won the red rupee.  The records do bear his claim out, though.  What nobody questions?  What a fierce competitor he is!  Not able to attend last year, he’ll be looking to prove he’s still a joystick jockey.  Claiming a title in 2012, Mattgt321 is the only one-time winner competing.


Our illustrious host, Notaburger, is coming out of retirement!  After winning the first two years and competing a few more, he stepped back to run things and ensure everything goes smoothly.  Does he still have it?  Notaburger’s wins came in 2010 and 2011 – practically classics!  But if he games half as well as he runs CVGC then the others better look out!

You won’t want to miss this bodacious event!  It’s the inaugural Tournament of Champions and who knows when the next one will be?  Maybe 2029 with games like Splatoon, Rocket League, Overwatch, and PAYDAY!

Will it be the Zen-like Aboth that takes home the championship?  Or heavy-hitter Saint?  Maybe the best money is riding on the scrappy Mattgt321?  Or could it be the wise sensei himself, Notaburger?  Let us know in the comments who you will be placing your bets on!