Tournament of Champions Explanation

Tournament of Champions Explanation

Posted August 06, 2019 at 10:47 PM by woot

Tournament of Champions.  Beer, friends, gambling, and charity.  And a chance to finally see who's the best of the best!  I know, I know, I have most of you at "beer".  But for those that I don't, allow me to elaborate.

You may recall we promised such things as gambling and raffle prizes.  So let's explain a little of how that's going to work.  First off, you'll be able to buy raffle tickets at 1/$1, 5/$3, and 10/$5.  So bring lots of cash!  But wait, there's more!  For every $10 in raffle tickets you buy, you'll get a bodacious souvenir (while supplies last.  Should be plenty)!  For the raffle, there will be several prizes you can choose from, but before you can enter your ticket into the drawing you will have to bet it!  Let's say for example you bet your 20 tickets on Matt to win.  Well, congratulations.  You just lost all of your tickets.  Now, let's say you bet your tickets on David to win at the start of the night and he does - way to go!  You just quadrupled up!  Your 20 tickets are now 80 and you can enter your 80 tickets into the drawing for the prizes.  Sure, you probably won't bet your whole wad on one person, but there will be lots of side bets throughout the night.  I can't give away too much without giving away the games, but you can rest assured you'll be able to bet on individual games, etc.

So, you probably get how it works.  Can you buy 20 tickets at the beginning of the night and bet 5 on everyone?  Yeah, sure.  But sit down, have a shot or two, and think of all the fun betting you'll be missing out on.  Besides, you just wasted 5 tickets on that Matt bet.  And it's for charity!  Think of the children!

So, now that you're interested in the raffle, let me give you a sneak peak at the prizes we'll have!

First, we'll have this marvelous Mario Kart Stamp set.  It will be broken in because we'll be using it to keep track of which tickets have been gambled.  Made with real wood!  The competition at your next stamping race will be eating your dust!

We'll also have at least a couple beer selections not available in Texas - a 6 pack of lager from America's oldest brewery, Yuengling, and a mix-6 of some Arkansas beers.

And this super Super Mario ice cube tray to keep your cocktails cold and jumpin'.

There will also be this dumb crocheted Bob-omb that nobody wants to win.

Fine.  The crocheted Bob-omb is da' bomb and I really want to win it.  There should also be some other prizes, but you'll have to be there to see!