True Dungeon 2020 - Infernal Redoubt - Blackthorn’s Bodyguard

True Dungeon 2020 - Infernal Redoubt - Blackthorn’s Bodyguard

Posted October 01, 2020 at 7:54 PM by woot

We last left our party unleashing some unimaginable hell on the world so they could get a little closer to Blackthorn.  I'm sure it was worth it.  Wait.  Is it raining blood?  Oh well.  Nevermind that.  On with the adventure!

 As we made our way to Blackthorn’s tower, I spied some sort of monstrous demon through a hole in the cave wall.  Hoping we wouldn’t have to go that way, we carried on.

“Great,” Erica muttered.  I looked at her quizzically and she pointed ahead toward a bend in the corridor.  Looks like we’d get to meet that guy, after all.

We rounded the bend and found ourselves face to face with the demon.  He went on some tirade about how long it had been sense he’d seen a mortal, and blah, blah, blah.  Before Darrel could start playing Kumbaya, the demon said he couldn’t let us through to Blackthorn.  And I thought he was just happy to see a mortal.  Oh well.  Maybe he was, but not for any Kumbaya reasons.

I looked to my right as I noticed a column rising out of the river of lava.  Before I could react, the lava rose into the sky and dumped onto me.  “Hot! Hot! Hot!” I yelled.  My shield absorbed a little of the fire damage, but it still burned like a sonuvabitch.  If that wasn’t enough, the lava poured off of me to hit the rest of the party.  Just in case they didn’t believe me it was hot.

I felt a chill in the air as I noticed the wizard’s breath turn visible and he unleashed a crushing frost blast on the demon.  Take that! I thought, as I drew my sword and attacked.

While we were fighting, I noticed Patrick hand one of his scrolls to Drew, who used it to protect us from fire damage.  That would help with the splashing lava, but not much with the lava shower.

This time, Michael found his wit and yelled, “I bet you lava to be this terrible at fighting!” at the beast.  Outraged by the terrible pun, the beast focused his lava attacks on Michael as we fought on.  Michael suffered lava shower after lava shower as we continued the fight, and eventually the demon disappeared in a cloud of dust.

Clarence rushed to Michael’s side to see if he was ok and performed some healing rituals.  Between him, Drew, and a potion or two everyone was right as rain.  Erica kept asking everyone to make sure they were ok, offering to lay her hands upon them if they weren’t.  We all promised her we were ok.