True Dungeon 2020 - Infernal Redoubt - The Hangover

True Dungeon 2020 - Infernal Redoubt - The Hangover

Posted February 19, 2020 at 8:29 PM by woot

Our story last left the party feasting at a pub and making preparations for the adventure.  Again, that adventure is to Blackthorn's dark realm.  Imagine hell.  Again, for untold powers.  Sounds pretty great, right?  Check out the last installment here!

Dawn had come entirely too soon and I shielded my eyes while the pain thudded in my head.  “Are you sure you don’t have some druid remedy for this hangover?” I asked Drew, as we continued our trip.  Who knew a jungle could let in so much light?

“I told you I’d keep an eye out,” he replied,” but next time I tell you to drink some water, maybe you’ll listen?”  I guffawed.  My head rang in response.  That was a mistake.

After a moment with my eyes closed, I turned to Erica, “maybe you can ask Sunshine to do something about this sunshine, at least?”  She rolled her eyes and chuckled as she punched me in the arm.  It was good to have the gang back together.

Darrel said, “Maybe this will help,” and began pounding on his drums.  For a bard, he sure didn’t seem to have any rhythm.

“Alright, smart guy,” I said, as I snatched his drumsticks and threw them off the path.

“That was my last pair!” he objected.

“Ugh,” I sighed, as I headed off the path to collect his drumsticks.  I found them lying next to a curious looking mushroom, which I plucked.  I returned the drumsticks and he obliged me by not playing.

I turned my attention to Drew and, while extending the mushroom, asked, “Hey, is this good for hangovers?”

“Did you get your herbalism degree at fighter college?” he retorted.

“Great,” I said, as I tossed the mushroom off to the side.  Before the mushroom could hit the ground I saw a bird swoop down and eat it.  The bird didn’t make it 10 feet before it fell from the sky.  Maybe I should leave the herbs to Drew after all, I thought.

Noticing the commotion, Patrick turned to me and asked, “Where did you find that mushroom?”

As we continued our journey, Mork promised to teach me a meditation technique that would prevent and cure hangovers once the quest was over.   I laughed internally at the thought of not having to drink Drew’s stupid water.

Other than my hangover eventually subsiding, the rest of the trip was just as unremarkable.  We found the temple easily enough and it was strewn with corpses, undoubtedly left by the last party.  There was some decay, but the bodies appeared to be untouched by the local fauna.  How long ago had they been here? I wondered.  Or maybe we were the only ones stupid enough to enter the temple.